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What makes you say, if you have kids you should not adopt a bull or terrier breed? I have a Staffy/Ridgeback and Pitbull/Rottie and both are fantastic with kids. As this is how they were raised to be, gentle, kind and tolerant to all living creatures, humans and animals alike. I am also 100% positive that my new addition ( 10wk old american bulldog) will be exactly the same.
When will narrow minded people start to realise that any dog can be aggressive, its not the breed that determines this, its at the hands of the human they end up with. More often than not it is actually the smaller breeds that are less tolerant/frightened of children. The amount of times i have heard of a Maltese, Jack russell, Chihuahua etc biting a person is huge in comparison to a bull breed.
I can count easily on both hands friends/family members that have bull breeds as their family pets and often comment on how wonderful they are with their kids.
it angers me when people sterotype dogs. There is a lot of us that spend countless hours defending/helping/show awareness for bull/terrier breeds and it only takes a 15word comment to set all that back miles. I went to a shelter the other day, just to spend some time with the unwanted and out of the 32 dogs there 28 of them were bull breeds. What hope do these dogs have if people keep putting their breed down. Shame on you Coles for ending the lives of hundreds of dogs due to your misinformed article. Shame on you >-(

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