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I already referred what was going to be my April PBDJ editorial ( as background for why I created this petition.

I just released another draft editorial, this one from the May/June timeframe ( What is perhaps clear from that draft is that I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of action on SAP's part with regard to PowerBuilder. I decided to hold that article and wait a bit longer to see if SAP would do anything. By August I had had enough and launched the petition.

I'm not sure SAP realizes how many companies have major involvement surrounding the product, including many third-party companies whose entire existence depends on it. Some, like the company I work for, sell applications that are developed in PowerBuilder. At some point if SAP isn't clear on where the product is going we will have to face a complete rewrite of the applications at our own cost so that we can move forward. There are other companies out there who sell add on products for PowerBuilder developers whose very existence is jeopardized the lack of action and information.

It’s perhaps no small coincidence that the PowerBuilder Developer’s Journal, for which I was the editor in chief, suspended publication earlier this year. That’s a contributor to why some of this information (i.e., the April editorial) wasn’t released until recently and why the creation of this petition by somebody who normally seemed very supportive of SAP may have come as a surprise to some. If the information had gotten out earlier, it would have been clearer that this was a long time coming, and perhaps overdue.

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