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Anonymous "Angel" Donor Gives a Gift of $3000 To Clusterbusters Nonprofit Angel Fundraiser!!!!!!

I am in awe of how increasingly, more and more are joining in to support Clusterbusters efforts at raising awareness for cluster patients worldwide!

A few minutes ago we received an amazing donation of $3000 along with this note (Anonymous agreed to allow me to post the note here).

"We've struggled to find answers to help our son for years.   Watching him go through the horrible pain of cluster headaches for nearly 3 yrs has been the hardest thing we've ever done.  We felt helpless.   We found Clusterbusters in January .  We called and talked with Bob W. and learned we did still have options.  Praise the Lord!  When we watched the video you posted plus knowing all about how Clusterbusters sends teams of advocates to Congress we knew at once, that it was time to invest in those who had helped our family the most.  One day we hope to make it to a conference to thank Bob personally.  We also hope others will join us and support the organization that's helping so many too.  We think it's the best tax deduction we've ever had the joy of taking!  Thank you so much.  May your work never end until there is a cure."    -Anonymous

What else can I add, except a huge, joyful.....thank you. 


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