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Exquisite Cheetah Art Piece by Kenyan Artist Anthony Russell, for Purchase!

This exquisite, layered photo print of the African cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) is the work of Kenyan artist Anthony Russell. The cheetah print is for purchase, as a donation by the artist to assist with our cheetah conservation field work in Tsavo, Kenya. Measurements are approx 2 ft x 2.8'' ft and the artist will provide a certificate of authentication, upon purchase. Please check out Anthony's website, for additional artwork and celebrity testimonials: www.anthonyrussellart.com/
Further details on the print can be provided by contacting the [email protected]

We are targeting AUGUST as the purchase month of this print. Any offers out there for the cheetahs? Please email to all of your cheetah friends and / or art collectors, colleagues, cheetah conservation supporters who may be interested.

This is an exclusive print and a one time opportunity to call it your own, all in the name of cheetah conservation in Tsavo, Kenya. Please assist us in our efforts to sell this kindly donated art piece for our critical field programs. Thank you, very much.

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