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Twitter Tonight: Expose Monsanto's Plan to Force GMOs on the World Through "Free Trade"

If you want to learn more about the Trans-Pacific Partnership "free trade" deal's effects on food and farming, attend the #TPPTuesday Twitter Party on Tuesday. It's easy if you have a twitter account.

The virtual party will take place Aug. 13 from 9 to 10:30 pm EDT. The experts are Alexis Baden-Mayer from the Organic Consumers Association and Kerstin Lundgren from the Fair World Project. Send your questions to them at #TPPMediaMarch and follow the #TPPMediaMarch hashtag to see their responses.

Share this with your friends and family so that they can participate as well.

Here is an article on the TPP and food by Ronnie Cummins who is not only the director of the Organic Consumers Association but is also the Head of the FDA for the Green Shadow Cabinet.

"FDA Warning:" The TPP is a threat to your health and safety.

And here is a video by The Naked Emperor on Monsanto and the TPP.


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