Update #1 ·

Thank you for helping us feed the dogs for August month!

Dear greatest supporters of ROLDA,

Last days have been very stressful for me, trying to figure out solutions to raise enough money to buy the food for the 60 dogs from the Adoption Center.
Like many times before, your support makes the difference for these dogs. Where would they be without you?! I learn once again how dependent, grateful,humble and in the same time happy and completed to be able to feed and provide great care to my dogs, save even more dogs, all because of each of you that stand by me and what I treasure the most in my life!!!!

You will see the food bill, which will be paid in full because I am so proud of each of you and have to tell you that the whole amount of 850 EUR has been raised!!!
Many thanks to all of you who support ROLDA dogs be happy and well cared, who help us dreaming ahead.


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