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Four words changed everything...

Wow. You can see what those four words were at 6:22 of this video, but that is only a piece of the 100,000 accidents every year caused by texting.

I started watching this documentary from acclaimed filmmaker Werner Herzog on texting while driving after seeing it on a friend's Facebook page. I expected to watch just the first few minutes of the film; that was 35 min ago. The documentary put together by Herzog is as touching as it is haunting. It's a long film, but it doesn't take more than 30sec to be captivated by it. The stories of people who's lives have been changed forever by texting while driving accidents remind us what's at stake. It only takes one second. Lets work to make sure stories like these have to never be told about Google Glass. 

Please sign and share the petition calling for a ban on driving while using Google Glass.

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