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We will win this campaign, and help keep over 180 million straws out of our landfills & waterways!

First off, a huge thank you for your support on this very important cause. In less than a week, we've received nearly 4,000 petition signatures from all around the world.

You heard us right...WE WILL WIN THIS CAMPAIGN. That is correct, Applebee's, the largest sit-down restaurant chain in the world WILL make this change, but only if we reach them with a critical mass of passionate activists such as yourselves.

Our goal is to now reach a minimum of 10,000 signatures, after which we'll take this petition to media, to begin to apply to put pressure on Applebee's to make this simple, cost-saving, and ecologically necessary change.

Please help us in reaching 10,000 this week by sharing this petition with your friends & family, reminding those who you've already shared it with, and posting throughout social media and the blogosphere.

A few quick notes on the ask:

1. The 180,000,000 estimated diverted straws are based on highly conservative estimates of Applebee's customer counts, and the actual percentage of individuals who would request a straw if not given one. In all actuality, that number would most likely double if Applebee's committed to this practice.

2. On top of it all (once again very conservatively), Applebee's would save approximately $600,000+ per year by making this simple organizational change.

3. Single-use plastic straws are non-recyclable or biodegradable and most often end up within our lakes, rivers, and oceans, thereby harming marine birds, mammals, and fish.

Please take a moment to watch Chris Jordan's film on the effects of marine debris: http://www.midwayfilm.com/

Thank you once again for your support, dedication, and efforts. We will change the world.


The 1:1 Movement


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