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Top Grocer Spotlight: Jimbo’s . . . Naturally!

Fifteen years ago, Jimbo Someck, grocer and father, had one small organic store and one big mission: “A piece of organic fruit in every child’s recycled lunch bag.”

Today, Jimbo's . . . Naturally! is a thriving San Diego-based company with four locations, and a fifth in the works. The store and its owner have also become known as a champions of consumers’ right to know about GMOs. Not only does the company educate consumers about the dangers of GMO ingredients, but it also works with manufacturers to find alternative ingredients. Those manufacturers who are willing to transition to GMO-free are rewarded with Jimbo’s continued business. Those who aren’t are shown the door.

Last year, Jimbo’s contributed $10,000 to California’s Proposition 37 campaign to label GMOs. And even though the California-based company doesn’t operate any stores in Washington State, Jimbo’s has donated $10,000 to help pass I-522, a GMO labeling initiative on the ballot this November in Washington.

For all these reasons and more, Jimbo’s earned a spot on the list of OCA’s Top ‘Diligent Dozen” Right to Know Grocers.

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