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Bring Violence against Women to the political platform in India?

India's preparing for the next election in 2014. The 50 Million Missing Campaign would like to launch an initiative to start building a grassroots lobby of citizens who want to bring the issue of violence on women to the Indian political / electoral platform.

Often during rape protests, even feminists in India have said 'Rape and violence on women is not politics.' But the fact is it is politics. Almost 50% of men serving in government right now have serious criminal charges of rape and murder against them. This is because an old law permits them this. When the Supreme Court recently moved to remove these men from office, all the political parties, and the current government decided they will fight the Supreme Court on this decision!!!

Rape and murder is used by the government and politicians as a weapons of mass subjugation and control. And we need to use our rights as citizens to effectively counter this where it matters to political parties -- on how we elect parties and leaders. How much support do you think it will have among Indians? Among Indian feminists and women's groups?

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