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Help still needed for these animals

Since all this started I have been forced to go back to the UK alone without my animals. Im still fighting hard to get them all back safely. Since I left I have been told that my own Alfie Woo Woo the closest dog I have and my best friend has also suddenly dropped dead. Alfie was only 3 yrs old and I am devastated. I cant believe I will never see my beautiful boy again. I have started a fundrazr to try and help raise the funds needed to get the rest of the animals to safety but am running out of time as they are supposed to be out of the country by 16th August or they are facing euthanasia. I have just been told that our local newspaper is running my story on Monday to try and highlight my appeal and im hoping this will help to raise the funds I need to get them all back safely. This is the link to the fundrazr please can people share it far and wide for me to try and help all these furbabies. Thankyou. https://fundrazr.com/stories/24gOc2?psid=5907d8f850ca4077960315842a07343b

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