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Build an Angel House Rescue Orphanage in India!

Austin Bauer
Austin Bauer campaign leader

I am so excited to share this opportunity that God has given me with all of you! After I came back from 1Nation1Day in Honduras, I was told God I wanted to do something that was impossible for me to do in the natural. I didn't know what that looked like until later that night God reminded me of this video I had watched before I left for Honduras. He reminded me of the organization in this video called Angel House Rescue Orphanages. As I browsed Angel House's website, He pointed me to a page that gave me the information I needed to begin the process of dreaming for the impossible. For me the impossible is this: to build an orphanage and a well in India. In the natural, I have no clue how to make this happen. The total cost is $20,000, and I have never even seen that much money! But, God has placed this vision in my heart, and I know that nothing is impossible for Him! Take a look at this video, and learn more about what Angel House is all about at!


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