Update #2 ·

We still have a long way to go battling the DNR and their Hunters Rules.... Help save the Bears!

Via Martyn Stewart

2 years ago at the end of this month, Hope the Black Bear was killed by hunters, She was valuable to the research conducted by DR. Lynn Rogers in Ely, Minnesota. We tried to collar Hope with a GPS transmitter and tie colored ribbons to it. we were unsuccessful.

Normally hunters would respect radio collared bears and not kill them. 3 Days after this picture, Hope died at a bait station. Its hard to believe that a life so valuable could be taken so cheaply. Hope will never be forgotten.

With the DNR saying the currently collared black bears can stay collared. But no new ones can be collared. And all humane education in the classroom on the bears must stop. The battle is far from over against these sadistic killers!


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