Star Hawk
Star Hawk campaign leader

A young woman who wants to bring the beauty of her Caribbean birthplace to Queens - an Occupy activist struggling to recover from the trauma of police brutality and carry on his organizing work - an veteran training other veterans in food-growing and ecological design - a young First Nations activist living on the route of a pipeline to block its destructive passage through her hereditary territory - an Ethiopian student who wants to bring permaculture back to his home village - a dedicated Palestinian who wants to train his people in techniques that preserve their lands and self-reliance ...
I hear these stories every time we offer one of our Earth Activist Trainings, and I want to say 'yes' to them all! These, and so many others like them, are the leaders and visionaries who give me hope. I feel so honored to have skills and tools to share that I know can boost their efforts, help them regenerate their spirit and enthusiasm after hard times, and empower communities. And the only thing that stands in the way of unleashing all this positive energy for change is that ridiculous thing, money. But it does cost money to feed and house people and to keep the work sustainable for those who teach and offer sites. But a small investment in Earth Activist Training has a huge ripple effect. Any amount you can donate will help diversify the environmental justice movement, bring new perspectives and insights into the permaculture movement, and give activists and community leaders the tools they need to build that beautiful world of the future we know is possible!

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