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Published on 7 Aug 2013
Please share and take action: We urge you to listen to this interview, the Minister for Agriculture and Food Security Mr Peter Walsh answers questions on the draft Breeding and Rearing Businesses Code (puppy factories).
He finds the use of bullets and blunt force trauma an acceptable form of euthanasia for dogs and puppies.

For more information about RSPCA Victoria's review of the proposed code, visit http://rspcavic.org/issues-take-actio..., we urge all Victorians to provide feedback.

Comments must be submitted by 9am on 14 August.
Visit www.depi.vic.gov.au/pets/domestic-animal­-businesses/breeding-and-rearing-busines­ses/breeding-and-rearing-code-review


1/ The comment period is open only through Tuesday August 13th 2013, so please act TODAY.

All submissions must be in writing and must include your name, mailing address, and a contact email address.

You can send an email to: [email protected]

Or you can post a letter to:

Breeding and Rearing Code Review Bureau of Animal Welfare

475 Mickleham Rd Attwood VIC 3049

Here's a recording of the complete interview>>>


2/ Contact information for PETER WALSH.

Role Occupant- The Hon. Peter Walsh, MP

Phone 03 9938 5954

Fax Number 03 9658 4191

Email Address [email protected]

Website www.parliament.vic.gov.au...


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