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As noted in a recent post on my blog (, it's been 24 months since the last major PowerBuilder release, and there's not even a beta in sight for the next major release. Aside from the release of PowerBuilder 4, this has been the longest gap between major releases in PowerBuilder history. If there isn't a major release out by February of 2014, it will be the largest gap in PowerBuilder history.

SAP's PowerBuilder customers are anxious to see what level of support, if any, SAP will be putting behind the product. In some cases continued use of the product is being discouraged until there is some indication from SAP what their product direction will be. In other cases, they may be receiving pressure to rewrite their applications in some other development tool, a huge undertaking in both time and money that could be avoided if there was some indication from SAP that the product is important to them.

There are also third party vendors that have significant investments ties to PowerBuilder, and are growing concerned that their investments may be in vain.

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