Cindy Reynolds
Cindy Reynolds campaign leader

"Angels and Demons"...... beyond being the title of Dan Brown's bestseller, it's a fitting fundraiser subtitle for the cluster patient. Our protagonist, Bob Wold who along with Clusterbusters board of directors, patient & support person volunteers and advocates have added many new exciting chapters to our own story of piecing together clues, pursuing all possible leads and doggedly insisting this story be written are committed to the project until we've reached our happy ending. Your participation, however large or small, is vital to how the incomplete story unfolds.

Share our story, share the fundraiser link with family and friends, join us in Chicago either in person or in spirit and help the good guy prevail!

"One of the finest mysteries I've ever read. An amazing tale with enigma piled on secrets stacked on riddles." -Clive Cussler on Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons".

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