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My meeting with President Obama last week.


I joined a bipartisan group of legislators in a meeting with the President last Thursday about the government's surveillance program and how to strike an appropriate balance between safeguarding our constitutional rights to privacy and protecting our country against the threat of terrorism. The meeting led to a productive conversation on this critical issue.

I told the President that the dragnet phone record-collecting program in its current form does not achieve the necessary balance and should be reined in.

For several years, I've been one of the few voices in the Senate saying that some of the intelligence community's surveillance activities are overly-broad and not necessarily making our nation any safer.

As the conversation continues in Washington, D.C., in Colorado, and across the country, the time for action is now. Ask your friends to join you in calling for reform for the PATRIOT Act. I will continue my leading role and advocate for a bipartisan solution that will keep Americans safe while still protecting our constitutional liberties.


Senator Mark Udall

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