Update #22 ·

LFA CYST needs to be remove

Marquis went to Grant Medical Center Outpatient Trauma for an appt. today regarding the LFA cyst (see pic) that he acquired due to surgical negligence and nursing negligence after having surgery at Grant Medical Center. The cyst has been there since he had surgery (over 1 year ago) and it has increased in size and more importantly, Marquis has told me it is sore and is currently feeling soreness and/or pain. During the exam, the surgeon start palpating another part of his arm trying to pretend that he didnt feel a cyst and i told him "that's not where his cyst is, its here" and i pointed to it, then the surgeon says well i felt cysts over there too, which isnt true. Marquis has only one cyst on his arm that was created by Grant Medical Center's staff negligence. After I told him and Marquis told him, Marquis is reporting soreness, he told me he didn't want to remove it because of the general anesthesia risks and that Marquis might have to live with or it might eventually go away. The scummy interim guardian for placement and medical decisions was present also. I went to bat for my son and told them because its causing Marquis discomfort, it needs to be remove and cant be ignored. Plus, I told them, its on the underside of his arm so he cant help but bother it when he places his arm on a surface. After the exam, the scummy interim guardian and surgeon left the room so I couldn't hear what they wanted to say to each other. There are few things worse than an corrupt attorney who doesn't represent their clients, they are court-appointed to help the system that is paying them. This unethical attorney as interim guardian has not done one thing to try to remove Marquis from that dangerous and abusive state facility. She is getting paying by Corrupbate Court and could care less about Marquis and was trying to put words in my son's mouth when she said "everything is alright" and I said no it isn't, he is telling me that he is hungry at meal time because he doesn't like the food and they wont substitute for him". She said we already discussed that! Yet, this sick attorney keeps extending her appointment as my son's interim guardian but wouldn't dare file a MOTION to remove him from CDC. She knows about the assault and the audiotape and the many other abuses and neglect that my son has ALREADY suffered. Grant Medical Center really messed my son's arm up, instead of incisions he has healed mangled flesh. I will be posting those pics of the day he was discharged and the way his arm looked when they discharged him that same day!


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