Rachel Mattovich
Rachel Mattovich campaign leader

Meet Hawa Kamara: This vibrant 6th grader has dreams of working at a bank and being a computer whiz! She is extremely intelligent, sweet, and soft-spoken. When she isn't studying, Hawa can be found taking care of the household duties such as sweeping and looking after her little brother. For fun, she loves playing kickball and laughing with friends. When asked why her daughter needs this scholarship, Hawa's mother smiles and meekly replies, "Because I am poor." She continues saying "I want Hawa to be a good person and go to school." But Hawa's mother needs support too. With no formal education or occupation of her own, these are her greatest hardships. When her children get sick or need new clothes, she feels her hands are tied. Hawa does all she can to care for her family and to teach them what she is learning in school. With her determination and drive, Hawa is destined for greatness. She makes her family so proud.

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