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Help feed 100 malnourished children for a year

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NEW: The Garden Herbs Project

Hello everyone!

Quick update on our campaign against malnutrition in the Philippines.

We have started a long term project called The Garden Herbs Project. This project specifically serves Filipino children ages 3, 4, and 5 who are enrolled at Barangay daycare centers (this is a free program). It is a wellness initiative that monitors for cognitive and motor developmental delays, AND provides daily lunch to support nutrition.

We changed our approach from one-time projects to this long-term one because inspite of all our efforts, 3 out of 5 Filipino children are still found to be malnourished.

To support this project, we launched an online store that sells rice from the famous Rice Terraces of the Philippines! The importer of these rice products allowed us to sell the rice, with a portion of the profit to be given towards the project.

Here's the online store:

What we are requesting everyone to do:

1. If you know anyone in North America who eats rice, please send them the link to the online store and ask them to buy 1 bag of rice (or more) on a monthly basis.

2. If you eat rice, please do the same.

3. Donate an amount for the project. $10 each month (Your donation is tax deductible)? It takes $0.17 to feed a child per day.

4. Volunteer to be an active member of the project: be a Gardener!

If you have an extra 5 minutes today, please read this:

Thank you everyone for your continued support of the Filipino children.

(The attached photo shows a typical lunch day at the garden on Cabbo, Peñablanca, Cagayan, Philippines.)

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