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America's Black Boys Are Nation's Fastest-Growing Entrepreneurs!

Sadly, in the rocket-propelled tech startup culture, the economy is surging ahead while leaving millions of Black Americans behind. At the same time, Black American entrepreneurs are the fastest-growing segment of the startup landscape. So, why do we lag so far behind?

The problem is lack of capital and lack of knowledge.

We own responsibility for both, since we don't invest in our budding tech entrepreneurs, fail to support our own businesses and have failed to invest in development of an educational pipeline producing innovators connected to local innovation ecosystems.

In short, our problem is us. We haven't invested in us.

The remedy is, of course, us. No other solution is on the horizon. No one is coming to save us, or our children, except us.

So, that's the good news. We care about us, and our children. Check out the value our Black boys produce:


We should invest in us. You can start with an investment in expanding this campaign. Visit http://blackinnovation.org and hit the button beneath the face of that handsome boy on the right side of the page.You'll recognize him. He's the same face of this campaign.

We need your help if we are to help our Black boys.

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We're thankful to Helen Dannatt for being the first to contribute to Saving America's Black Boys National Campaign. (Thank you Helen!)

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Join the Saving America's Black Boys (SABB) National Campaign in making a 21st century statement that says we believe in the capacity of America's Black boys to dream big and accomplish great things.  Help us ignite a 21st century movement that results in a national economic imperative to invest in the talent and skills of America's Black Boys. Join us in changing the economic system from one…

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