Update #5 ·

New Page for Veterans Art Center

Its now a reality. As of today we have 174 registered participants. Our second exhibition is on display in the art gallery. Four of almost 30 varied art workshops or classes are on the calendar. Three of these started in July and attendance increases weekly. All programs are free to veterans and military families.
The studio is not yet fully completed but the main studio, the art gallery, the art gift shop and the veteran owned small business are all in use.
The woodworking shop, stained glass studio, clay and ceramics studio, music room/recording studio, typesetting studio, and the dark room/printmaking studio are all being worked on.
Many of the classes are waiting on supplies so please help us help the veterans any way you can.

You can view the recent and upcoming activities on our new facebook page at www.facebook.com/veteransartcenter

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