Stephanie Lemmons
Stephanie Lemmons campaign leader

More Than Me (MTM) raise awareness and funds for educational scholarships to help young girls one of the poorest slums in the world in Liberia, West Africa go to school. The first-ever MTM Academy will open its doors on September 7th! Right now MTM sponsors 108 girls, but hopes to double that number by the end of the school year. These girls deserve the best education possible.

On August 25th, many of the MTM girls will be running the 10K as part of the Liberian Marathon. The girls have been training 3x a week and are gaining confidence, strength, speed, and self-respect. This is a HUGE deal for our girls. I am fundraising for one of MTM's amazing students, Jackie Toe. Seventh grader Jackie is a creative girl who aspires to become a musician. This friendly teenager loves to spend her free time playing kickball and studying math. She has many siblings and is lucky to be one of the few that get to attend school. Jackie, who is new to the More Than Me program, lives in a two room house and shares a bedroom with five other people. Her mother, Sarah, was never able to go to school and makes a living selling fish. Even with her father's income as a fisherman, Jackie's parents have very little money and struggle to support their family. As Jackie continues to attend school, her mother wants her to become a "great person." If she keeps working hard no goal should be out of her reach!

I believe Jackie and every girl everyone should be able to receive an education to pursue their DREAMS and ASPIRATIONS. Please help me make Jackie's dreams come true and help me meet her at the finish line. Are you ready help girls like Jackie go to school by sponsoring the 10K run? You can help make this happen for Jackie Are you in?

$10 = Hope
$25 = Respect
$50 = Power
$100 = Strength
$500 = Resilience
$1000 = Victory

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