Tony Gilmour
Tony Gilmour campaign leader

I believe that most of the Scots who don't want independence or are unsure about it have been influenced by the scaremongering media. ( Owned and controlled by the rich and the English dominated UK government who don't want to risk their oil investments ) Scaremongering like the recent story about European wine producing countries threatening to put taxes
on to Scotch whiskey and damage our export income. This has happened because of our devolved power raise certain taxes.
Well any half educated political journalist would spot straight away that Scotland is taxing ALL alchohol including our own.( for a social health benefits). Whereas these countries are proposing to DISCRIMINATE ON RACIAL GROUNDS. I'm pretty sure this is against all international laws.This story should not have reached even a company newsletter never mind the national news.
Let them inspire you to get active and work in favour of independence.

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