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Read the RSPCA reply as to why they HAD to KILL poor Thomas...

Just received this reply from Rebecca Vella from RSPCA NSW in response to an email I sent as to why they killed Thomas....thought you might be interested..

Dear ,

Thomas arrived at RSPCA’s Sydney Shelter after being transported from one of our Volunteer Branches in Northern NSW. At that time, he was being monitored for a congenital eye condition as well as possible anxiety issues. During his time at the Shelter, Thomas sustained a broken leg. Even still, we wanted to give him the best chance possible of a healthy, happy life, and the decision was made to put him into foster care.
Notes of his physical and behavioural issues were provided to the foster carers when Thomas was placed with them. In hindsight, the RSPCA recognises that Thomas’ conditions may have called for a more experienced foster carer: one who may have been better able to respond to Thomas’ specific needs.
During the five weeks that Thomas was in foster care, the RSPCA requested numerous times that documentation be provided to ascertain Thomas’ behavioural progress. Regrettably, it wasn’t until Thomas came in for x-rays that the foster carers provided details about his deteriorating condition. It was only at this late stage that the RSPCA was made aware of Thomas’ severe separation anxiety; complaints from a neighbor were noted about Thomas’ constant crying, howling and "screaming" during times when he was left alone.
While in the RSPCA’s care, veterinary behaviourists noted Thomas’ extreme state of anxiety and distress. With Thomas’ welfare in mind, specialists deemed it cruel to keep him in such a state and recommended that he be humanely euthanased. The RSPCA contacted Thomas’ foster carers to make them aware of this sad – but necessary – decision. Despite the foster carer’s request to adopt Thomas, this would not address Thomas’ deteriorating state, and the decision to euthanase him was upheld.
While this outcome is upsetting, the RSPCA stands by its decision not to prolong Thomas’ suffering. We appreciate the widespread concern surrounding Thomas’ situation. However, we ask people to consider how his quality of life had deteriorated to such a degree that this decision was reached.

We will continue to rely on the help and assistance of our respected and much-needed foster care network. However, it’s situations like these that highlight the need for regular and detailed communications between our foster carers and Shelter/Vet staff to ensure animals’ health and welfare are monitored and evaluated closely.

If you would like to speak to someone about this case, please send me your phone number and our Executive Manager of Animal Care, Brendon Neilly will give you a call to discuss in more detail and answer any questions you may have.

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Rebecca Vella - Business Relations Partner

P 02 9782 4486 M 0448 499 665 F 02 9782 4445 W www.rspcansw.org.au


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