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Extinction or Humanity - what do Australians value most?

Hello everyone, and thank you for signing. Please keep sharing and keep spreading the message. This is a very important issue.

Extinction or Humanity - what do Australians value most? At the moment, the sign up rate of this petition is a little less than ordinary. We all know what a feral cat is, we all know what they look like and most of us know what they eat... they eat our native wildlife, including our unique, exotic and vulnerable species. Over a three year period, Damien Hirsch and I have been conducting an electronic survey of bilbies and cats in a small isolated pocket on the Dampier Peninsula, in the Western Kimberley area of WA and it appears feral cats have the upper hand. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to remove, trap or euthanise the many feral cats we see daily, because of animal cruelty laws we are only allowed to watch feral cats eat our bilbies and other native species in our survey area.

The biggest problem faced trying to protect bilbies and other vulnerable species is the attitude of individuals and groups who can influence the support for objection to managing feral cats. Feral cats maybe a pest to some, but to others they might be regarded as an animal of cultural value or some other useful resource. Animal welfare groups aim to protect all animals from cruelty and exploitation and encourage considerate treatment of animals. Although animal welfare groups accept some feral animals need to be controlled under some circumstances, but overall they generally oppose control practices that cause animals unneccessary pain or suffering. I believe personally in the values of animal welfare groups, but honestly, protection of pests and their rights? What about the rights of our native species and vulnerable wildlife? This is why it is important to have a National legislation on cat ownership and feral cat management. The only way to do this is to hold a National Summit on Feral Animals and Invasive Species and be united on the issue of conservation and preservation of our native wildlife. Animal welfare groups, individual Australians and our politicians must reach a concensus on this issue, before it is too late. With the help of animal welfare groups and individual Australians we can help our politicians see the benefit in saving our native wildlife for our children's future by doing something now.

Please keep sharing and spreading the word and save our wildlife for our children. If you value our native wildlife and vulnerable species, don't hesitate to sign the petition and share. Please visit Frank Manthey Bilby Man on facebook. He has plenty to say on this issue, too.


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