Update #7 ·

Another step forward.

I received an email from the Scottish Fatalities Investigation Unit asking me to provide them with some further information about Caroles death. The fact that they have asked for more information is a big step forward. It has taken some time to get them involved. Their response could prove to be a big help in proving my case or put me back a step but, I am confident they will see that laws have been broken and will therefore come to the same conclusion as we all did. Carole should never have still been in that hospital. The law failed her but hopefully we can stop it from happening to anyone else.

That is why the law needs to change. It should be clear and simple and written in such a way that a child could implement it.

Thank you again and I will let you all know their decision as soon as I hear back from them and, please keep reposting. If we want the law changed we need more help.


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