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Reggae Genre Jamaica (RGJ)

What is Reggae Genre Jamaica (RGJ)?

Reggae Genre Jamaica (RGJ) is a membership organization, which collects license fees from copyright music users and distributors. The money as royalties to the creators only from the (Reggae Genre) and its members, that is writers and publishers of Reggae Music. The people who own the copyrights including the performing rights in the Reggae music genre.

RGJ was set up in 2013 to make things easier for the music users and creators from the reggae genre. A (RGJ) license allows you to use all types of reggae music, from all over the world legally. Whether the music is live or played on a tape/CD player, jukebox, radio, video, TV or cable and Karaoke and whether or not the performers are paid. A RGJ license is a legal agreement. There are similar rights societies throughout the world. By agreement with them, RGJ represents their members in its territory and is represented by them in theirs. RGJ licenses works actively in Jamaica and through affiliations with similar societies abroad is entitled to licenses their works too. Everything from the reggae genre.
What does RGJ do for its members?

RGJ members are composers, lyricists and music publishers. RGJ looks after the performing rights and if the members so agree also the mechanical/reproduction rights in their works. It would be almost impossible for the individual creator to keep track of public performances , and broadcasts, of their music across Jamaica and the rest of the world, and to issue licenses and collect fees due, so organizations like RGJ do it on their behalf. It is a well known fact that Reggae music is good for business. By taking out a RGJ license and paying the appropriate fees, any reggae music user can legally use the music., from anywhere in the world, since RGJ is a part of the international network of similar societies. The umbrella organization for copyrights societies is CISAC The International Confederation of societies of authors and Composers and RGJ would be a member If this is accepted and past.


Waynesworth G. Gentles

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