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Isabella's Plant A Billion Trees Story

Sometimes we get inspired to give in different ways. This particular story tugs at our heart strings and we just had to share!

"My Name is Isabella, I live in Maryland and I go to Stedwick Elementary. I just finished first grade. My teacher read a story to me called "The Great Kapok Tree" and it made me want to help save the rain forest. I came home from school that day and made a sign to post on my front door asking neighbors to help donate to save the rain forest. My Mom told me that if I really wanted to I could earn money to help my cause. So I started doing chores around the house and talking to my friends and family about what I wanted to do. Over the last 4 months I have been able to earn $120.00. I donated my money to the nature conservancy's plant a billion trees project. I feel really great about what I was able to do to help save a forest."

Help plant a tree right now >> http://nature.ly/178YDzi

Photo: © Emily Whitted / TNC


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