Update #13 ·

Last Leg Of Hope

We have a final hearing in September over the return of the animals.

We are now in crunch time to raise the outstanding balance due to the animals attorney so he can finish up paper work for the hearing.

If we don't raise the nearly $4000, the attorney cannot move forward on the case. Every hearing costs us $1000, and this has been going on since February 2012.

Please share this with your family and friends, help us raise awareness of the balance of the past due amount so we can have him prepare for this final hearing.

They are trying to financially break us and feel we do not have any support. Please prove them wrong.

Please share with everyone you know.

We thank you for standing behind us for the past 20 months and giving us the strength to keep going. Let this be a victory for us, so we can get justice for the ones that were killed and we will lobby for better laws to prevent this from happening to others.

Thank you,
The Lee Family


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