Update #3 ·

The petcoke's leaving Detroit!

Some big news: It sounds like that huge petcoke pile in Detroit may be on its way out. 

That's right, news broke this week that the corporation behind the tar sands waste piling up in Detroit has made a "business decision" to stop dumping that waste along the Detroit river. Estimates are that the entire pile may be gone by the end of the summer! 

Read all about it here: http://links.causes.com/s/clLsSb?r=FqXa

It's clear that this would never have happened had it not been for the amazing organizing and activism on the ground in Detroit. But, we wanted to take a second to thank you as well for standing with us to call out this dirty petcoke pile and support the important efforts to make the dumping stop. Without your voice, this issue may never have gotten the attention it deserved. 

Just because the pile is leaving Detroit doesn't mean that the petcoke is going away. We'll keep an eye on how this all plays out, and continue fighting oil projects around the country as well – whether it's the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, refineries in the Gulf Coast, or export terminals out west. With so much at stake, you can be sure this fight is far from over. 

But, today, we can stand proud in helping secure a victory against Big Oil…stay tuned for more to come!

Thanks again!

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