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Thanks to your help we raised $511,79 for the starving dogs and cats in Visina so far!

Hi everybody!

Oh, good people, maybe you have no idea how awful it is to beg for help to feed your animals and I wish you will never have this feeling, but Mrs Silvia from Visina got through this nightmare every time when she went to the only store from her village. With no money she had to provide food for 18 cats and 23 dogs, some of them old. Like there weren`t enough tears, one day one of the cats got trapped and injured her leg. Another amount of money that the poor woman had to pay, not too much, just 60 lei (about $18 or 13 Euro) :-(

But she has never stoped believing that somewhere there are compassionate and kind people who will be sensitive to her animal`s suffering and will share just a little so she can provide food for them.
Our charity also hoped there will be generous donors and will support these animals not to get just skin and bones. That`s why we insisted, sometimes maybe too annoying, but in a desperate need of help.

Well, thanks to your pretious help, we raised $511,787 so far. But Mrs Silvia needs to pay for the 15th of June till the 15th of July the amount of $472 (including the vet for the cat). And she needs to pay from the 16th of July till the 15th of August another $460. The rest she has for next month is almost $39 which is very little, giving that we are now on the 26th.

And you don`t know how rude the store man is with her when she begs for food without money. It`s so sad and frustrating.

That`s why I come again to you and ask for your help hoping that you will go on supporting these animals not to starve.

If you want to help, please donate on the paypal account -- [email protected] or directly in the bank account --
RO54RNCB0709110749850001, the name of the bank is Banca Comerciala Romana, the name of the account holder is Asociatia pentru Protectia Animalelor Tomita, the name of the town is Tecuci, Galati county, Code 805300.

THANK YOU for all your help!

Mihaela Raducanu, Association for Animal Protection Tomita (Tecuci)


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