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Treating unexplainable pain - What can be done for patients with post-LASIK corneal neuralgia?

"A 30-something female with a history of bilateral, uncomplicated LASIK 2 years prior comes into your office complaining of persistent burning pain, almost a foreign-body sensation in both eyes. A simple breeze across her face is excruciating. The pain is so severe it prevents her from living a normal life, and she has thoughts of suicide."

'First, it's important to note that the cornea is the most powerful pain generator in the human body, 200 times more powerful than skin. "The most common cause of neuropathic pain anywhere in the body is damage to the sensory nerves," Dr. Rosenthal said. "Obviously, LASIK and PRK are classic examples of this."'

*** "Before you dismiss this patient as a crazy hypochondriac and send her on her way, consider corneal neuropathic disease, an extremely rare condition that causes intense pain along corneal nerves." ***

Read more the complete article in Eye World: http://eyeworld.org/article-treating-unexplainable-pain

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