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we are Against terrorist attacks on Khanka,s

Khanka is the ment for spread of Peace and Love in Islam. The Islam in Whole world is spread by the Khankas. Now a day Some enemies of Islam, Peace and Love Started Stopping People from visiting Khanka. THose People are war loving People and can not See the raising of PEACE in the World. So They made Terrorist Attacks on several khankahs. These people Made Suicidal bomb attacks on Shrine of HAZRAT DATA GANJ BAKSH ALI HAJVERI R.A in Lahore then Hazrat Sakhi Server R.A and then Hazrat BABA Fareed R.A and Many other world wide. IN Syriya Few months Before they attavked of Shrine of HAZART HAJAR BIN ADDI R.A A famous Companion of Prophet of ISLAM sal Lallah U Aly Wasalam. We the Muslims want to tell whole world that these terrorist have nothing to do with ISLAM AND MUSLIMS. They Are enemies of All Religions and Comunites So Please Join Hands with us agaist them.

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