Update #21 ·


Marquis reported to me that TWO employees hit him in the hip while they were restraining him on the floor last evening at CDC. We were at Grant Medical Center outpatient trauma (more on them later). He also had two pieces of dirty playdough in his ears (see pic), he said these are my "earplugs". When I asked him who gave them to him, he said the "nurse". I did not put them back in my son's ears. Marquis had on some dirty used CDC underpants and his blue hoodie needed to be washed that he had around his neck. The interim guardian told CDC staff she wasn't coming to the appt. CDC staff told hospital staff and hospital staff made me leave my son! Im not sure but I think the guardian led them to think if she isn't there, I cant be there. This corrupt attorney is an interim guardian for placement and medical decisions because she isn't gonna challenge the CORRUPT SYSTEM, she is a part of it but she doesn't have the CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY to interfere with a parent-child bond. The grant security officer said I don't have "parental rights". I have a right like any other parent to accompanied my child to medical appts. even if he is an adult child and to support him as his mother! My son has an painful LFA cyst because of Grant's medical and nursing negligence and I have PICS TO PROVE IT! Anybody know how to help me create a BLOG for all the pics, documents and tapes I have? Let me know!


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