Update #6 ·

Thanks to our star recruiters!

Thanks to this stellar group of recruiters and welcome to our newest board member, Kary Schumpert, who is also on this list of top recruiters for the White House Clothesline campaign.

Betsy Voorhies 9
Jackie Miller 8
Leonie Serhan 6
Agata Soltysiak 6
Nicole Macdee 5
John McGeehan 5
Derek Gendvil 5
Chelsea Hodge 4
W Duane Waddell 4
Tracy Michelle Worcester 4
Peter Hazen 4
Kary Schumpert 4
Michael Conley 4
Sharon Bangert Corcoran 4
Julie Nora 4
Cheri K Falk 4
Rajima Ratan 3
Keith David Halloran 3
Shahneer Anirvachan 3

We hope that you will all continue to tell people about https://www.causes.com/White-House-clothesline, sharing it on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

We just have one question: Are there more undershirts in this picture than signers on our petition? It is a big world out there and we have a lot of work to do. Thanks for your help.

Alexander Lee

P.S. With my unfair advantage, I have recruited 90 people to the campaign. If you can catch up with me, when The White House has its clothesline installation ceremony, we will work to make sure that you get invited, too.

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