Update #2 ·

What We Do, We Do For Christ

We began our campaign in June 2013 to raise needed funds for our orphan programs in Kenya and Zambia but didn't see much support. We know there are a lot of causes out there that call for your help and we realize you can't give to them all. It's also summer, so many of you are on your vacations.

Could you take a few minutes to evaluate how you might help us? Over 300 orphans receive daily food, educational materials, uniforms and shoes, school fees, medical help and blankets from our foundation. There are also other children nearby who need attention as well but we can't afford to support them in our programs.

With your help, we can feed and send children to school who have no parents. We can provide a safe, loving environment for them to live, learn and play. Without your help they end up wandering around looking for ways to find food. Some die, others are trafficked and still others are brought into child labor.

The statistic that 30,000 children die everyday needlessly is still true. Children are working in all forms of labor today worldwide. What we do is keep them healthy and provide a way out of poverty for them.

We hope you will join with us to keep children in school and fed. We hope you will share this information with others you know. We thank you, in advance, for all you have done and may continue to do.

We are inspired to do what we do with no salaries or overhead because of this one scripture verse in Matthew 25:40 which tells us: "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."

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