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"The National Enquirer" Petition

Inspite of the fact that Causes seems to have discontinued Reposting I am still doing the Petition to "The National Enquirer" https://www.causes.com/causes/978554-the-national-enquirer-petition I have also realized that it will take about 10,000 Signitures for a Successful Petition, and I do not believe 10,000 of MJ's Fans are Currently Online. So, if you are indefinitely not reading, "The National Enquirer" because of the Autopsy Picture of MJ published on cover of the April 22, 2013 Issue; because of the Two Pictures of Paris-Michael on the cover of, or because of the Article about her Suicide Attempt in, the June 12, 2013 Issue; because they could do what they did to Michael, or to his Family Member Paris-Michael, to another Public Figure, or one their Family Members, then please sign the Petition(People of Any Age and People living in Any Location) by clicking on the Blue Link above in this E-mail. After signing then please feel free to invite others to sign and feel free to share the Link. Remember, the MJ Fans Currently Online cannot do this alone. Thank You

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