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CANFF expects our student-athletes to follow the rules - FIFA should too!

On behalf of CANFF, I would like to express our support for this petition. We believe that soccer is more than a sport, it's a weapon for social change. Soccer has the capacity to change lives.

CANFF's concept of sport and development uses soccer to promote education, public health, and sustainable community development. We hold our kids to a high standard in all of these facets, and those who comply with the rules that are set forth by CANFF are then rewarded with soccer and education equipment. In other words, we use the sport of soccer as the vehicle to motivate our student-athletes to be honorable individuals.

If we as a sport and development organization expect our student-athletes to follow the rules, we would not expect anything less out of soccer's governing body, FIFA.

We support the World Cup and the beautiful game; however, what we do not support are individuals who are part of this governing body who feel that they are above reproach and feel the need to evade paying their taxes.

CANFF is an organization that stands up to injustice and fights for what's right in order that our student-athletes have the hope of a brighter future. We believe in being honorable and honest, both on and off the soccer field. And, although we support FIFA and it's role it has played as the governing body for soccer, we do not endorse the fact that many of the top individuals in this association have avoided paying their taxes. In short, not only is that dishonest, but that money could also be used to reinvest into the underprivileged communities of Brazil to create sustainable development and help young aspiring Brazilians to overcome their living conditions and pursue a brighter future.


Jason Old, CANFF Executive Director

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