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Reunion Monthly Bills

Please help Reunion Rescue keep current. Princess's boarding was $300 and we just ordered Fran's Fryers chicken and Texas Tripe blends to keep the dogs in our care healthy and happy.

Vetting, homeopathy, herbal support along with treats, toys and supplies add up and we need your help. Please consider sharing Reunion Rescue's story which can be accessed on our website www.reunionrescue.com. Reunion Rescue is the world's only no kill raw feeding holistic rescue in the world.

We can't do it without you. Our Facebook pages tell the whole story:


We have lots of fun events coming up and would love to include our supporters. Reunion Rescue is participating in Best Friends Strut Your Mutt in both San Francisco and Austin this year. Please join us!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: http://www.strutyourmutt.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.team&teamID=6335

AUSTIN, TEXAS: http://www.strutyourmutt.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.team&teamID=6334

Please share our story and help Reunion Rescue keep saving wonderful beautiful pit bulls and others.

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