Update #3 ·

Keanu has found forever home!

Dear All,
I want to announce that Karen Cole will be Kianu's forever mom! That’s right we made it! I hope we all, Kianu's friends will celebrate the moment he arrives to his FIRST forever home… but the long way is before us, we have to prepare Keanu for trip and gather all necessary documentation and so on… but it is nothing compared to joy of Kianu's future life!
I want to thank you all who took a pledge and shared Keanu’s story
As far as transport goes we have considered several possibilities and the best way for Keanu is to travel by a car because air transport, considering the vet, is not the best option for him. He is an invalid dog with special needs and it wouldn’t be good for him to travel alone in cargo and after that to travel about 7 hours from Paris to his new home.
Beside this there are transport costs which in air transport would be about 2000 euro! Transport with car is much more cheaper and it would cost about 1000 euro, 500 euro for gas and another 500 for travel taxes.
So once again Keanu needs your help … If you can help us to collect the money for Keanu's transport we would appreciate it a lot.
After all... I know all of you are not going to let him down now when he found forever home.
If You want to help and donate for Keanu you can do via paypal: [email protected] or our new project for Keanu's ride to his forever home

Thank You All for helping Keanu to go to in his forever home


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