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Kerry Baxter Senior's Right To Stand Your Ground

First Thanks to everyone who has signed the Petiton. Also send up prayers and healing thoughts for our family. We need your strength and support!

I have been watching the trial of George Zimmerman, and wish that my son could have been as well represented as he is. If there was justice, my son, Kerry, would have been able to use Stand Your Ground, as a defense. However, he was denied that defense by an action taken by the Alameda County District Attorney's Office. They took it from him, by declaring his Assailant a Victim, something they knew was not true. Kerry defended himself against an aggressor in a fight who shot at him and missed. In order to prevent him from shooting again, Kerry pulled out a gun and shot him in the foot. Then both men ran in opposite directions. It was not until the other young man (who was on Probation), was given Blanket Immunity, that Kerry emerged as the aggressor. That meant that none of his past record could come out in court. With that move they were able to prevent my son from using, Stand Your Ground, as a defense in the altercation. The bullet that went into the young mans foot shattered, but the Police said it ricocheted almost two blocks and killed an innocent bystander. They kept out the witness statements saying that there was a drive by shooting and that Kerry and his assailant were down the street. The ricocheting bullet is a stretch but worked because in court the police talked about everything but the victim. Since they had no evidence they accused my Kerry of being a drug dealer, Gang member (he was 32), and unemployed (lie). California's stand your ground law allows that if someone attacks you, you can return like force.

This is one of the reasons we are fighting his Wrongful Conviction and recent Supreme Court Rulings Bode well for Kerry's case.

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An Injustice to One is an Injustice to All! As an American Citizen our rights are guaranteed in the Constitution, yet some citizens are deemed more worthy of rights than others. There is no qualification in the Constitution and should be none in the Courts.  Kerry's right to a fair trial were denied when an All White Jury was chosen, when he was denied the right to question a witness; when the…

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