Update #1 ·

A message from Roberto: "thanks for all the support!"

Hello all,

I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to look at and sign the FIFA petition – we’re almost at 1,000 signatures!

Here in Brazil, protests continue. There were an estimated 4,000 in Sao Paulo alone over the past month! People are still going to the streets to fight for everything from better public education and healthcare, to a government that is less corrupt and respects Brazilians’ human rights.

So, I am asking you guys to please support us in this fight. The government is spending money on the World Cup instead of what matters. While Brazil struggles, we can’t just let FIFA come, build their stadiums with our tax dollars, and not contribute to the Brazil’s development by paying taxes themselves. Together we can ask FIFA to do the right thing and invest in Brazil and in all nations that host the world cup from here on out.

Let's all get our friends and family to sign this petition because, like FIFA says, it’s not just about winning, its about sharing too!

Thank you,


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