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UPDATE: Tyson walks back claims to be "humane" but we want real change for animals!

Earlier this year, the Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a major consumer protection complaint with the Federal Trade Commission against Tyson Foods for misleading consumers with false and deceptive advertising. Not surprisingly, Tyson has since strategically modified their language to call controversial gestation crates "individual housing," and stopped calling themselves a leader in animal welfare.

Yet these changes are superficial at best. Tyson's website still claims that their suppliers provide "favorable" and "comfortable" environments for pigs and chickens; the truth is these factory farms confine animals in some of the cruelest conditions in the industrial agriculture industry.

If Tyson really cares about animals–and humanely caring for animals–their actions need to match their publicity stunts. We at the Animal Legal Defense Fund will continue to serve as a watchdog over the dangerous and inhumane practices of corporate agriculture: for the good of consumers, for our environment, and for the well-being of animals.

Please support our pledge against Tyson by passing it on to friends and family.

For more information visit: http://aldf.org/blog/legally-brief-the-greenwashing-of-factory-farms/


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