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A Plea for My Friends the Vulnerable Children of ‘Our World’

I wish that you could meet my friends. I wish that each of you could feel the pain that they feel every day. That you could see for yourselves the agony of being without a food, medication or a home. That you could try to get your mind around the despair and confusion that comes from never really knowing when you will have your next meal or how you will stop your child from dying and if anyone is listening to you or really cares. I wish you could see if for yourself, the mental anguish and hopelessness for some, that comes from being sick or hungry. If you could only see this for yourself you would be moved to action. So I'll try to describe it as best I can.

I can see the pain in their eyes, the confusion and despair from not knowing if it will be today or next week, or perhaps never, that a friendly person will help them as a fellow human. Somehow in this struggle they retain a dignity that never fails to impress me every time I visit them. Some just ask the simplest, most painful question - what can I do to get out of here? A few friends, away from the group and in private, tell me their stories as they cry. These are real people, men, women and children that I talk to nearly every day on my visit to our projects in Africa and Asia. And if you could only see them, even if just for an hour, you'd want to have friends like these.
But inside I die a little every time I see them, knowing that the world really doesn't care much for my humble group of friends and that I have very little power to help them. Some of them are hungry, sick and lost. These are my friends, the types of people I wish you could meet, the children that I want you to know in order to help.

I know that not many people normally read my posts, and my words might not have much power. But since you have stumbled across these words, please accept my plea for help for my friends and for the millions of children around the world that they represent a world that I invite you to embrace in humble service.

Men that long for education and food for their spouse and children; People that want to work and provide for their families and worship in freedom. Some are angry, most are poor, some are sick. But they all just want a simple life void of pain and suffering.
So what am I asking you to do? To give; Not just give money, but to give of yourself. And to give until it puts you out a bit. This to me is the only way that you will be able to taste the joy of humanity - if it truly costs you something.
I could list all sorts of things you could do, but if you've read this far, and if my words have had any impact on your conscience, you know what you must do. Or, you at least have an inkling of the part of your life that these issues speak to. It could be your finances, it could be your career, it could be the place you live and the lifestyle you choose. If you are honest and open to change, if you are hungry to do something more in your life, you'll know what to do. Or, if you need some input, I'd love to discuss this with you.

Whatever it is, my plea to you is that you do something significant to serve the poor, and today to consider the children. Though I'd love to have lots of new donors to TOUCH Ireland, my goal in writing this is not to try to find a few more Euros every month - which money hopefully will come. It is to get people's hearts to know the pain that I have seen, because I honestly don't know what I can do about it all. I want you to care, I want you to know what is really happening in the world, and I want you to find life that comes from giving your life to the poor.
Seamus Gleeson – TOUCH Ireland
http://touchireland.net/ or https://www.facebook.com/groups/87755129435/?fref=ts
Touch Ireland Foundation
TOUCH Ireland focus is on vulnerable children in “Our World”. We use the term “Our World” as opposed to “Third World” or “Developing World”. We feel this terminology allows people to believe that the problem is not ours and

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