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Film Screenings to Support the Peace Meal Project

Mid-West Entourage Entertainment
Carlos A. Valenzuela
Email: [email protected]

For Immediate Release

Mid-West Entourage Entertainment will present three short films at the
Brentwood Galleria July 29

Mid-West Entourage Entertainment based in St. Louis, is showing three short films, at the Galleria in Brentwood, MO on July 29. The films; Stopping Before We Go, 7 Minutes and Mariah, were all shot in St. Louis and showcase the acting, directing and scriptwriting talents of the St. Louis film community.

7 minutes – Directed by Carlos A. Valenzuela written by Rachel Kempf. This movie was honored with the "Award of Excellence" at the 2012 Canada International Film Festival and the “Silver Lei Award” at 2012 Honolulu Film Awards. Starring Hemanth Krishnappa, Angela LaRocca, Christian Vieira. The official Trailer is at

The second film: Stopping Before We Go – Directed by Carlos A. Valenzuela written by Genevieve Sipperley. Starring Hemanth Krishnappa, Julie M. Hale, Sandi Leicht, Carson Hackney, Ed Golterman, Steve Page. This trailer is at http://youtu.be/FbvhpkdPJI4

The third film: Mariah – Directed and written by Julie M. Hale. Starring Joe Hanrahan, Sandi Leicht, Carson Hackney, Robert Nolan Clark, Shawn L. Chevalier. This film was accepted and showcased at the 2013 Cinema St. Louis Showcase. The trailer is at http://youtu.be/oUUjqll5WQk

Showtimes are 6:45pm and 8:00pm. Tickets are only $12 for all three films. In addition, proceeds from ticket sales will benefit The Peace Meal Project; A feeding program for immigrants, seniors and the working poor. The website for more information regarding The Peace Meal Project is www.towergrovechurch.org.

Movie tickets can be purchased at the entrance to the theater at the Galleria on July 29.

For more information regarding any of the films, contact Mid-West Entourage Entertainment owners, Carlos A. Valenzuela Heman, and Julie M. Hale at [email protected] or contact Julie Hale at 314-337-6984.

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