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Help Us Build a Shelter!

Dear Friends,

Good news! Recently, an estimated 5,000 dogs were rescued from the illegal meat trade by Thai authorities. The rescue was the result of a new government initiative to set up roadblocks on Thailand/Vietnam border to stop criminal smuggling. The demand for dog meat from Thailand comes from restaurants and meat markets in Vietnam, and is strong enough that thieves routinely steal family pets as well as street dogs. These dogs are packed into cages and transported under inhumane conditions over the border—an illegal and incredibly cruel process.

The rescued dogs are now safe from the meat trade, but due to extreme neglect are in need of emergency care and sheltering. Unfortunately, there is no sheltering system in Thailand, and the dogs are being kept at overcrowded livestock facilities that cannot provide adequate care.

The Animal Rescue Site, GreaterGood.org, and Soi Dog Foundation are partnering to build a new shelter to care for these pets until they can be adopted out. The shelter will not only help with this rescue, but will provide a continuous resource for the pets of Thailand and prove to be invaluable as more dogs are rescued.

Help build a shelter for Thailand: https://bitly.com/ThailandDogRescue

The Thai government has already set aside land for the shelter and plans have been approved. The only thing missing is funding. You can help. Your donation will go directly to the construction of a new shelter used to care for these rescued dogs and those rescued in the future. Funds will also be used to improve shelter operations and handling. We can’t do it without you! Donate Today: https://bitly.com/ThailandDogRescue

GreaterGood.org/The Animal Rescue Site

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