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"Somebody has to tell the world the truth about the Muslim Brotherhood…"

What does it mean to lose your revolution to a Terrorist group? How do you feel when you see the terrorists who killed your hero Anwar Sadat now in power in Egypt?

THE END OF EGYPT BY THE BROTHERHOOD is a film about how the underground illegal group, The Muslim Brotherhood took over and stole the Egyptian Revolution from the young people of Egypt. This is a film made by and inspired by many talented people who believe in freedom and democracy - of hope and of progress - in Egypt and the world.

We filmed in Egypt for 3 weeks, beginning with my journey back to my hometown Port Said to investigate the massacres of February 1, 2012 following a major soccer match between the #1 Egyptian soccer team from Cairo versus Port Said team. What resulted in the catastrophe of 74 deaths?

I knew there must be some kind of conspiracy present. In my attempts to trace the truth, I interviewed the top revolutionary figures and scholars in relations to what had happened and why. My quest leads me to the discovery that, what happened was part of a larger plan by the Muslim Brotherhood to control Egypt, and to take power.

This is a film made by and inspired by many talented people who believe in celebrating for the greatness of humanity - in Egypt and the world. It's been a year since we began this incredible project. We've come this far and are committed to continue because we believe this is a story that needs to be told. Our crew has been arrested, shot at, and made huge sacrifices - because this is a story that they want the world to know who is the Brotherhood, and what they are bringing to the world. In two short years the Muslim Brotherhood draws a new Egyptian constitution, taking so many rights from Egyptian Women.

Early this year the people of Port Said demonstrated against the court ruling and the president of Egypt ordered police to shut down the protestors with their new weapons, tear gas and trained snipers. Within the first two hours of the demonstrations 35 people were shot in the head and killed, 370 people were injured and hospitalized by the police bullets and attacks. The next day after more than 42 people died newly elected Egyptian president Morsi, declared Port Said under the emergency law and ruled a curfew. So many young man been arrested and beating to death for apposing the brotherhood rolling.

Help us by contributing to spreading the voice of freedom and democracy - The Egyptian revolution is far from over, we still have a lot of work to takeEgypt back from the Brotherhood and save Egypt.

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