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Secretary General, Istanbul Medical Association Dr. Ali Cerkezoglu Arrested for Association With Protests in Turkey (35 other professionals arrested/detained, as well)

Dr. Ali Cerkezoglu- Secretary General, Istanbul Medical Association has been caught up in a Turkish sweep of professionals for the slightest sign of any support for the protesting in Turkey.

Witch Hunt: List of the those taken into custody tonight. None is reported to have engaged in any violent activity. All are members and executives of professional associations and political parties. The total number is claimed to be 35, 28 of which identified as follows:
1. Mücella Yapici- Secretary General, Turkish Architects’ Chamber
2. Cansu Yapici- Architect
3. Sabri Orcan- Vice-President, Turkish Architects’ Chamber
4. Dr. Ali Cerkezoglu- Secretary General, Istanbul Medical Association
5. Suleyman Solaz- Representative of Union of Turkish Architects and Engineers
6. Akif Burka Atlar – Secretary of Urban Planners’ Chamber
7. Sezi Zaman- Urban Planner
8. Ender Imrek- Member of Executive Committee, HDK (Political Party)
9. Hakan Dilmec-
10. Erkan Bas- Executive Member of Turkish Communist Party
11. Beyza Metinler- President, Electrical Engineers Chamber
12. Iclal Bozkaya- no clear affiliation
13. Amal Demircan- no clear affiliation
14. Emre Özturk- Executive of Labor Party
15. Ercument Akdeniz- Executive of EMEP (Political Party)
16. Ercin Firat- Speaker, Federation of Clubs of Ideas (NGO)
17. Kamil Tekerek
18. Ongun Yücel,
19. İsmail Sürücüoğlu
20. Halit Güven
21. Haluk Ağabeyoğlu
22. Elçin Fırat
23. Ali Akgün Ekici
24. Murat Sezin
25. İsmail Bozkaya
26. Ayşe Adanalı
27. Sevil Kahraman
28. Ahmet Aktaş

This is list of 28 of the known people arrested or detained over the past 24 hours in Turkey. It is said that there is a total of at least 35 people

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